Carpenters For Christ
A ministry of First Baptist Church of Eustis
Building Churches to help the lost come to know
                     Christ as Lord and Savior
Current Trip - 2009
Each year 73 churches come together as Builders for Christ to build churches or additions to existing churches.   The projects are usually in different states.  The projects are selected by application through the Southern Baptist Convention each year.  The applicants are selected based on need, churches that are rapidly growing and reaching their community for Christ, financial ability to purchase materials, and unity of the members to commit to the project demands. 
Almost all of the labor is supplied from the volunteers from the 73 church groups dedicating a weeks vacation time to go where the project is located and work hard over approximately 16 weeks to construct the buildings.
Each year the volunteers have the opportunity to reunite with other brothers and sisters in Christ whereby relationships are developed and encouragement is given to one another.  God's presence is felt continually as the building makes mirraculous progress along with incredible safty over the volunteers.
Our goal is to continue to grow this ministry so that many other volunteers can use their time and talents to help further the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus our Savior.
To find out how you can be part of the Carpenters For Christ mission click here now.
My boss is a

Jewish Carpenter